The process of mobile app development is interesting and time-consuming. Step-by-step mobile app development will help to get a top quality product

01.Product Concept and Analysis

App creation starts with a concept (idea). You tell us what you want. We conduct a business analysis, consult and refine the idea of the app, guided by your interests and taking into account the needs of the target audience

02.Terms of Reference and Project Evaluation

We fill in a detailed requirements specification, where the important information about the future product is specified: the interface, design, functionality.
We make a quote for the development of the application where you describe the process of application development step by step; its cost; terms and other important conditions

03.We also develop and make the design of the app

A properly designed app helps users perform the desired targeted action. A memorable, pleasing, unique design is important

For whom we design mobile apps:

  • You are launching a new product or need another sales channel
  • IT startups
  • Companies that have live apps and need a redesign

04.Mobile app development

We write the code for the mobile app. We build a prototype step by step. For each stage (scenario) we create the necessary screens

05.Testing and stabilization

Testing the mobile app. Find errors and inconsistencies that could have occurred during the creation of the app. Make any necessary edits

06.Publication in Stories

We describe in detail: how the user behaves in the app, all his actions, starting from authorization, etc. This gives understanding of the user task, which is solved by the app and the benefit the user gets as a result

07.Support and development of the application

Once published, we perform the following functions:
-Analysing the performance of your app
-Monitoring the feedback from your users
-Improving and adding new functionality to the application
- adapting the application OS version for new devices
-Evaluating the satisfaction of business needs of your company
- If necessary, the correction of the development plan of the project

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