The integration of applications is needed to combine applications into a common/whole system and to merge their functionality.
Applications are integrated in several phases:

01.Format Stage

We use a single format for all application data

02.Data Stage

Make the output data of the first application become the input data for the second application

03.Module stage

Integrate the application in the architecture design phase and this allows the application to become holistic

PMP Tech provides an extensive list of services related to application integration

PMP Tech's talented professionals have years of experience with the most popular business applications and conduct all the necessary procedures:

  • Analyze your business
  • Build an application integration model
  • Deploy the systems to your business
  • Train your staff in the use of the programs

Application customization is done by the user to adapt the system to his/her interests and needs. If desired, the customer configures the functionality, content, etc.

Customization is needed to improve the user experience and is based solely on it. Each visitor gets what he needs at that moment. It is important that he understands his needs

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